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About the company

In 2009 in Izhevsk, the militaty-capital of Russia, my daughter Karina and I created a company for the production and sale of souvenirs. Izhevsk is a city where the great designer M.T. Kalashnikov created the legendary world-famous assault rifle AK-47. Our region is also known as the birthplace of Peter Tchaikovsky and Buranovsky Grandmothers.

Why souvenirs? There was a story between us: When my daughter was 15 years old, it seemed to me that she did not use her potential fully enough, and on one of the holidays she gives me a small porcelain doll in a white scarf with beautiful hair with the words: “IT IS YOUR IDEAL DAUGHTER!” And I realized how overstated my requirements are and which power can be puted into the GIFT!



I often get the question why we are called “HONEY”?


The company was created during the HOCHZEIT period, when Karina and her husband from Germany could communicate only in English. And the most frequently spoken word was “MY HONEY“. There was so much love, energy, happiness and youth in this word, so much of the present, so the question “how to name the company” didn‘t come. The company created on the energy of love will be successful, I thought, and we named it HONEY.

In 2012, Stanislav Martynov joined the management team of our company and we became even stronger. We began to deal not only with the wholesale companies, but also with retail sales and opened 2 of our own stores.

Currently, our company is rightfully the leader in the market of gift and souvenir products in Udmurtia. The range of our company includes 1000 items of products, which are willingly bought by tourists, guests of our Republic and local residents.

Since the beginning of our company, a sewing production has been operating here, where they sew bags, baseball caps, T-shirts, gift tablecloths with national symbols. Currently, the company has a license agreement with the Kalashnikov Concern on the use of the “AK”, “Kalashnikov”, and “K” trademarks for the production and sale of patriotic souvenirs. Among them are AK-47 lighters and key rings, miniature Kalashnikov assault rifles, pens, notepads, branded T-shirts with the Automatic machine print, gift sets and much more.

Our company HONEY is the winner of various Russian and international competitions and exhibitions, the owner of the Grand Prix of the All-Russian competition for tourist souvenirs, the Award of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation S.K.Shoigu at the Army forum.

Now we have a big and strong team! We will be glad to show and tell about us and our republic.